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Don Benjamin photographed by CW Jacobson & Leonardo Corredor

  • "The amount of money you have doesn’t define you. The amount of heart you have does."
  • "Don’t quit your Day Dream"
  • "Be strong.  If not for you, then for that someone that looks up to you."
  • "Never give up on something you can’t live without."
  • "The people hating are usually the brokest unhappy insecure people.  Show em love they need it the most."

The difference between success and failure is measured by how many times you can try…ONE MORE TIME.

( Rodger Halston (via motiveweight) )

If you quit while pursuing your dreams, you will never know how close you’ve come to success. It might have been hidden behind that next door you decided not to open, since the last fifty doors revealed little or nothing.

( Kamil Ali (The Initiates)

(Source: motiveweight)


Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

( Thomas A. Edison (via motiveweight) )

Even if you can’t physically see the results in front of you, every single effort is changing your body from the inside. Never get discouraged.

( (via motiveweight) )





The Love of my life


The Love of my life

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